The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our top priority. Please know that our thoughts are with all those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We apologize for any inconvenience the cancellation of the onsite program may have caused our participants.

The I2MTC 2020 Organizing Committee has decided to offer and online platform for accepted authors to upload recorded presentations. In order to be eligible, the following steps should already be completed:

  1. Electronic Copyright via EDAS.
  2. Final Manuscript submitted via EDAS.
  3. Paid all necessary registration/publication fees (more information on pricing below).
  4. Upload a headshot of the presenting author via EDAS. 

In order to be published in the I2MTC 2020 Proceedings, and in IEEE Xplore, you must complete the three steps above as well as submit your 15-minute pre-recorded presentation by April 15th.


The registration rates have been adjusted to accommodate the move to an online platform. Accepted authors and Invited speakers will now owe 50% of the Full Registration Rate. The updated fees are as follows:

  • IMS Member - $345
  • IEEE Member - $365
  • Non-Member - $445

Each registration will only cover up to one publication. Each additional paper will require a $100 additional paper fee.

The registered author does not have to be the presenting author. Any author on an accepted paper may present. Please note that only the register author will receive access to the full conference content. 

Automatic refunds will be provided to attendees who have already registered at a rate higher than the adjusted rates above.

Please note that refunds will be processed after the pre-recorded upload deadline of April 15th. No action is required by the attendee to process the refund. We thank you for your patience in advance.


A 15-minute pre-recorded presentation, as a voice over slide show, should be created for each accepted paper. Please start the presentation with a short self-introduction of the presenter/s (must be one of the authors). Please save your presentation as an MP4 file and name the file your Paper Number.

To upload, first log onto EDAS and click on your accepted paper. Under Final Manuscript, you will find the upload option “Virtual Presentation Upload”. Click the cloud icon and upload your final presentation by April 15th.  

Virtual Presentation Upload

Please note that the final manuscripts must be uploaded prior to uploading the pre-recorded presentation.

You have two upload options:

  1. Choose File: If your MP4 file is under 200 MB, please upload using the “Choose File” button. Once the file name is listed, please click “Upload MP4 Video”.
  2. URL: If you MP4 file is over 200 MB, please input a Dropbox or Google Drive directory URL into the text field. Once the URL is listed, please click “Upload MP4 Video”. Please note that the link must be a direct download link. Shared drive links will not upload. 

**Please note that MP4 files may take a few minutes to successfully upload. We recommend using a strong internet connection when uploading and to be patient.

For information on how to create a voice-over presentation in Microsoft Office please visit:

All pre-recorded presentations will be reviewed by the Session Chairs in order to guarantee relevant and high-quality content. If your presentation is not a strong reflection of the accepted Final Manuscript, or if the presenter is not one of the authors, the Chairs have the authority to reject the submission.


If you are an author of an accepted Late Results paper, please note that the upload process for pre-recorded presentations and registration guidelines are the same as stated above. The one exception is that “Late Result” papers will not be included in IEEE Xplore.


Authors that do not want to provide a pre-recorded presentation and don’t want to keep their paper in the proceedings can withdraw from I2MTC 2020 and receive a Full Refund. If you are interested in withdrawing, please email [email protected]. Authors who do not upload a presentation by April 15th will be considered withdrawn and refunded.

Submit Your Presentation

The Online Conference will be available to paid attendees starting May 25th and ending June 25th. More information on how to access will be forthcoming  

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has or may cause. For questions or concerns, please contact Laura LeBlanc, [email protected]. We appreciate your patience and look forward to bringing you the highest-quality content for I2MTC 2020.