Greyp Bikes is a technology company focused on electric bikes design, development and production with a huuuge interest in blockchain technology. The company started as a department in Rimac Automobili with whom today we share our CEO Mate Rimac. Electronics and software are the core of the company’s DNA and we put a lot of emphasis on critical thinking and finding new, better ways to do stuff – that’s why our bikes are so amazing as well as the people behind them. More than 60% of Greyp Bikes employees are engineers working in R&D departments – so you could say that we put a strong emphasis on developing new stuff.

Our first bikes, the G12 and G12S were in a league of their own. Not really bikes at all, but high-tech products with electric soul. We’ve learned a lot since then, and it’s all ended up in the G6: an eMTB unlike anything else to date.

The G6 pushes boundaries with an unprecedented user experience that balances sport, recreation and utility. Linking rider and bike with the Greyp App, the G6 is a sophisticated, connected machine that packs all of our tech genius into a lightweight carbon fibre frame.