The IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference 2020 will have a Demo Session which provides an intriguing opportunity for researchers, from Industry and Academia, to present live demonstrations of results of their R&D activities.

We welcome submissions in the area of measurement methodologies, measurement systems and devices, instrumentation, sensing architectures and transducers, as well as other topics in the scope of the IEEE I2MTC 2020.

The presentation can be accomplished through experimental demonstrations, interactive devices or experimental setups, in a dedicated area of the conference. For each accepted demonstrator a desk and space, as well as electrical connections will be provided.

In order to participate, authors have to submit a 2-page proposal that will undergo a selection process conducted by a committee and the accepted proposals will be included in the Conference proceedings, not in IEEE Xplore.

A "Best Demonstration Award" will be presented at the conference based on research value, originality, and presentation. The presenter will also be considered for recording a Video Tutorial for the IEEE IMS.


The two-page demonstration description must contain the following details:

  1. The title of the proposal, it should emphasize the demo and its experimental/live aspect.
  2. Motivation, what has been achieved and/or how the proposed work advances the state of research in the field of I&M.
  3. Experimental setup/method, it should be described with pictures (such as screenshot routine, simulator, tool, experimental results). Information regarding the instrumentation and demonstrator details with the working principle should be also included. A power plug, a table and a pin wall will be provided at the conference site.
    Demonstrators are responsible for the transportation of their own equipment to the conference site.
    Demonstrators should also indicate any special requirement, including extra space for demonstration, such as movable architectures, robots or other specific requirements that the organizers should consider. Please ensure that all the equipment you bring is safe for conference participants.
    For the accepted demonstration paper, the demonstrators should also prepare and setup a poster to be displayed at the conference site to summarize and present the demo work.
  4. Demonstrators should explain the way in which a visitor will experience and interact with the demonstration, how it reveals the essence of their work, further understanding, and what the visitor will learn.
  5. Demonstrators should include one or more citations of the scientific background of their live demonstration. The reference documentation must be publicly and easily accessible for the reviewers – a URL is also highly recommended.
    Authors are invited to submit the demonstration proposal by using the EDAS-online submission system, selecting the dedicated Demo Session sub-category by March 30, 2020.

Submit a Demo 

Information Contact:
Carlo Trigona

University of Catania, Italy

V.le A. Doria 6, 95125, Catania, Italy

[email protected]